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"Yoga is the path of purification of character and conduct (the cleansing of one's physical and mental nature) wherein the highest state of reality and truth may shine undiminished in the hearts and minds of  all beings...this is the true goal of yoga."

     - Sri Dharma Mittra

At Ascension Yoga, we invite you to explore and experiment to establish a practice in the name of freedom and truth. 


Juliana Machado


Yoga is my first language. Through its teachings I have learned to dive within and create a kind relationship with my own being.

At Ascension, we are creating a yoga program where one can connect to the light within and allow the intelligence that is already there to lead the way.

My son, Pedro, and I bring to our space the power of a dream coming through as we join ventures. We are sharing practices that keep supporting our wellbeing and growth in all levels.

The foundation of our school is: respect, discipline, alignment and the invite to “ascend”.

For more about my experience as a yoga teacher, please click here.

Dani Wieder


Dani found yoga 15 years ago as a way to get out of her head and into her body. She was previously intimidated by yoga due to her limited range of mobility, but now she has found her mobility to be a strength that allows her to understand bodies and help people move in ways that feel right for each individual. Dani has trained with a range of Brooklyn based vinyasa teachers for her 200-hour certification which she received in 2020. Dani’s classes are a traditional vinyasa style practice weaving movement with breath continuously to help students feel a sense of confidence, strength and connection through the practice. 


Jessica Barry


Jessica views yoga as a powerful system for bringing the mind, body, and spirit into alignment with a deep inner truth and natural radiance. Since 16 years old, she has been a devout practitioner and became a certified Chakra Yoga Teacher in Thailand in early 2012. She has been teaching both privately and in yoga studios for over a decade. Using a mix of traditional Hatha yoga, the Chakra system, and mind-body psychology (she is also a Mindset Coach), her classes focus on building core strength and flexibility while cultivating trust in the body's innate healing intelligence. She likes to play deep and encourage her students to realize their capacities beyond the limitations the mind likes to assume. Jess is a guest teacher for Ascension Teacher Training Program. 

Adi Carter



A practitioner of yoga since 1995 and a teacher since 2002, Adi enjoys utilizing yoga as a means to rebalance and heal the body.  While her yoga practice has included everything from therapeutic study of Anusara and Iyengar lineages to advanced inversions with Ashtanga, Vinyasa and AcroYoga she is currently most interested in the merging of yoga with other modalities of body mind therapy including Pilates, Physical Therapy and myofascial release.


Her all levels BODY WISE series offered at Ascension is a practice intended for Jiu Jitsu practitioners (and individuals of all backgrounds) to work on releasing, realigning and strengthening key areas prone to injury and discomfort. Classes will focus on the low back, neck & shoulders and knees & hips with an underlying focus on core strengthening.


In addition to teaching from her Pilates and Yoga background Adi also draws from her passions for surfing, rock climbing, mountain biking and Jiu Jitsu to help inform her body where the yoga practice can be of service.  Having recently started Jiu Jitsu in 2021 she looks forward to continuing to learn more about the overlap of martial arts and mind body centering.


Adi is also a body worker, practicing Thai Massage and a passionate herbalist trained in Western Herbalism which she applies through her Bone Hollow Apothecary line of essential oils and soap.  She enjoys spending time in her two homes of the Hudson Valley (Accord, NY) and Rincón, Puerto Rico.


Rebecca Posner



Rebecca's intersecting teachings, creations, and healing offerings are all explorations of the body as the source and venue of human experience. She believes curiosity is the pathway to insight, and shares her intellectual thirst for understanding how our vessels function. Rebecca has been a teacher of movement and yoga for over a decade, with a focus on embodied anatomy and somatic movement practices. She is an advanced Thai bodywork practitioner, with advanced trainings in Body-Mind Centering, Laban/Bartinieff Movement Studies, Franklin Method for Fascial Training and Hanna Somatics. Her classes are deep explorations that focus on developing new patterns in the body through awareness, discipline, and play. She also teaches and makes work as an interdisciplinary artist, creating at the intersection of movement, media, and language. 

Sophia Bruun



Sophia's yoga journey started with YouTube in 2013 when she was studying Positive Psychology in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2015, she completed a 200 hour YTTC in power vinyasa in Hollywood, CA before moving to Thailand where her teaching practice began. She has since taught, learned and lived, around the world, organizing classes, workshops and retreats all the while maintaining beginner's mind. Alongside yoga, Sophia is an avid meditator, traveler, and student of life. She has studied Iyengar yoga in the Himalayas and most recently completed a 300 hour multi-style yoga course in Gokarna, India in 2021. To complement the study of yoga, she also holds certifications in thai massage, sound healing, reiki and integrative nutrition. At the core of her mission is the intention to open hearts and expand consciousness to inspire a more balanced and peaceful existence on Earth.


Liz Levine



Liz has been practicing yoga since she was 20 years old when her mom opened a studio in 1980. In 2010 when she did her first teacher training her intention was to deepen her practice and to learn more about yoga philosophy. What drew her most was this connection to truth: to one’s self and one’s body. Her classes are an exploration of movement, mind, and heart. She is also a hospitalist who is committed to bringing this work to her hospital: to patients, staff and administrators.

Matthew "Mateo" Maloney 



Mathew’s teachings mirror his practice that started in his teen years.  From the very beginning he was taught and shown that this ancient practice of scientific self-inquiry went far beyond mere stretching and muscle toning. 

Matt shares: “The three-fold awareness is the basis of the way I structures my classes i.e. touch of earth, act of breathing, and sensation in the body. This method of mindfulness practice is a way to reground oneself in the present moment while opening the gateway to emotional intelligence. With this method the practitioner learns how to interrupt the body’s trauma response system”. 

Matthew completed two 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training certifications. One in 2011 at the Kripalu School of Yoga and the other in 2012 at the Atmananda Yoga Sequence in Manhattan. He taught yoga for kids at the Harlem Children’s Zone as well as at Fit4LifeNYC. Upon returning to upstate NY he has taught Yoga at several elementary schools in Ulster and Dutchess counties. He also ran a yoga program at the Boys and Girls club of Kingston. He is overjoyed to have found a home at Ascension Where he teaches classes for young people and adults.


Matthew studied at Naropa University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies. His focus of study was Permaculture and Traditional Ecological Knowledge which he has continued to study and practice to this day. He also leads foraging and forest therapy walks in the Catskill mountains.

He is currently teaching the Tuesday 10.y.o to teens yoga class at 4:30PM and the adult class at 6PM on the same day.

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